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Concept and Price Tender

Concept and Price Tender

Looking to buy a commercial property? Our team of experienced commercial real estate agents will provide you with all the breakdowns needed for you to transact your property.

Applying For Concept and Price Tender in Singapore

Our team of experienced professionals will work closely with you to understand the unique aspects of your project. We then craft a comprehensive and tailored proposal that not only meets the specifications outlined in the tender but also highlights the strengths and capabilities of your company.

Navigating the regulatory landscape and ensuring compliance with tender requirements is critical. Our service ensures that your proposal adheres to all stipulated guidelines, minimizing the risk of disqualification due to oversight.

Understanding the competitive landscape is key to crafting a winning proposal. We conduct thorough market analysis to identify key competitors, assess their strategies, and position your proposal strategically to showcase your company’s unique value proposition.

Understanding Your Needs


Bespoke Proposal

Minimize Risks

Market Analysis

Comprehensive Business Assistance For Your JTC Related Needs

Accurate cost estimation is paramount in winning tenders. We assist in preparing detailed cost breakdowns and employ optimization strategies to ensure that your pricing is competitive while maintaining profitability.

Identifying and addressing potential risks in your proposal is crucial. Our service includes a thorough risk assessment, allowing us to develop effective mitigation strategies that instill confidence in the tendering authority.

The tendering process involves a significant amount of documentation. We provide comprehensive support in preparing all necessary documents, ensuring that your submission is complete and well-presented.

In the event of negotiations post-tender, our team is equipped to provide support and guidance to secure favorable terms and conditions for your company.

We keep you informed about upcoming tenders relevant to your industry, providing a proactive approach to identifying and pursuing new business opportunities.

Support & Guidance

Cost Estimation

Price Tender

Timely Updates

Taking Pride In Service Excellence

Commercial property has a wide variety of services that many business owners are looking out for but most people don’t know where to start. It’s complicated and time-consuming.

Renting a shophouse vs renting a factory space is vastly different and so are the procedures. We take pride in our service quality as we help our clients in the most direct way.

We do what we need to do and provide the end result to them. Because time is precious and we know that. Let us put in the hard work and ‘heart work’ while you run your business.

We’re a trusted brand with over 10 years in the field of real estate

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